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AZIMUT.Loyalty the modern and technological decision for formation and loyalty maintenance to airline of often flying passengers, the companies and often selling cashiers. The system allows airline to influence passengers and cashiers even before adoption by them of the decision on a choice of concrete flight and the company, forming and encouraging loyalty of passengers and cashiers, and as a result increasing profitability of flights.

The satisfied and loyal passenger and the loyal cashier always choose "your" airline.

The system of loyalty of AZIMUT.Loyalty is intended for realization of such tasks, as:

  • Involvement of new clients;
  • Service improvement of quality and compliance to modern requirements of the market;
  • Deduction of existing clients, by means of formation of their loyalty to airline;
  • Analysis of information on passengers and use by them of services of airline and partners;
  • Increase not aviation income.

How it works?

Any passenger, the cashier or the legal entity meeting requirements created by airline can become the participant of the program.

These activities of participants of the program regularly arrive from inventory system and system of registration of airline, and also from information systems of partners and are loaded into the general Database of system of loyalty.

According to regulations of AZIMUT.Loyalty airline makes charges and bonus it is lovelier than write-off to participants of the program, and also supervises levels of participation of all participants of loyalty program.

Using idle time and fast access to given by means of AZIMUT.Loyalty, you have an opportunity to analyze information on participants of the program, their activity for the period and the current accumulation, and also a condition of partner programs.


Main AZIMUT.Loyalty functions:

  • Creation, support and flexible modification of business rules according to requirements of airline to loyalty program;
  • Storage and correction of profiles of participants of the program;
  • Tracking of activity (action) of members of the program on Airline flights, and also her partners;
  • Carrying out actions and marketing campaigns; Formation of reports for the analysis of activity of users and programs of partners;
  • Organization of various levels of access to system