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Meridian.Mobile is the tool for the aircraft service control and simplification of the following tasks:

  • Automation and formalization of data transmossion;
  • Collecting temporary and quantitative data on the aircraft service and passengers operations;
  • Formation of messages on delays and airline movement board;
  • Personnel informing on the platform;
  • Messages delivery control.


As hardware platform for Meridian.Mobile specialized terminals of data collection of Motorola, which can be used, and as failure-safe phone, and as the data collection terminal at airline service are used. There terminals possess the royal characteristics on reliability and fault tolerance, such for example as resistance to falling on concrete from height of 1,8 m in the working range of temperatures  -20° to +50° C and a class of sealing of IP67 (allowing to drop them in water) that certainly will be demanded for ensuring works at service of aircrafts.