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Libra Weight and Balance Solution

Integrated Leonardo DCS module

  • Aircraft Data Base in accordance with IATA AHM 565 recommendations
  • All necessary weight and balance calculations
  • All necessary printouts  for a flight
  • Standard IATA format messages processing


    Data Base Module | W&B Calculations Module | ASTRA message processing | ASTRA Administration Module

Data Base Module

  • Based on IATA Airport Handling Manual recommendations
  • Functions of data entry and  edit
  • Allows manual data base update
  • Journal log


W&B Calculation Module

  • Based on airline schedule via ASTRA DCS
  • Create and update (manual or automatic) traffic load information
  • Real time calculation of allowed traffic load and actual load
  • Dynamic calculation of aircraft center of gravity
  • Graphical user interface for easy handling
  • Able to search for ideal balance conditions
  • Real time automatic limitations checks:
    • All aircraft structural limitations
    • Aircraft balance limitations checks
    • Technological  alerts (2021)

Reporting&Message processing module

  • Loading Instruction Report,
  • Load sheet is issued in accordance with IATA AHM
  • Prevents LIR and Loadsheet issue if any checks are violated
  • Provides statistics reports (2021)
  • Able to generate, dispatch and read other IATA format messages:
    • LDM
    • CPM
    • UCM
    • Load Sheet ACARS


ASTRA Administration Module

  • All functions and actions protected by access authorization rules
  • Data management