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The Meridian.OPS module is intended for preliminary planning of arrangement of Airline Park, management of the daily plan of flights and control of a course of performance of preparation of airline to a departure. Application of the automated algorithms of arrangement, graphic control system of data, situational modeling both automatic reception and analysis of telegrams considerably facilitate process of operational management by flights.

Main features:

  • Flexible algorithm of the automated arrangement of airline park on any depth of planning
  • Existence of the external interface with MRO-systems for import of data on the planned forms of maintenance
  • Import of changes from a database of the schedule of airline movement
  • Updating of the daily plan
  • Formation of standard telegrams on aieline movement and their automatic sending directly from system
  • Automatic analysis of entering telegrams on airline movement
  • Tracking of transfer joinings
  • Powerful system of formation of the user preventions of failures and conflicts
  • Possibility of playning of scenarios of development of the daily plan of flights
  • Account and analysis of a regularity of airline movement
  • Tracking of implementation of technological schedules of airline service on all airports of the daily plan of flights