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The Meridian.Crew module is intended for planning by flight work in according to regulatory base on the organization of flight work. Provides long-term and short-term planning, operational management and information processing.

The subsystem is developed according to the Russian and international requirements for PM management, with application of difficult mathematical algorithms and is supplited with powerful modern graphic tools of display and management of information. In a subsystem maintaining a database on an aircrew, maintaining electronic flight books, maintaining and control of the validity of flight admissions, the accounting of passing of the program of preparation of staff, summing up flight work, control of readiness of an aircrew to performance of flights is provided.

Main features:

  • Some branches of basing
  • Flight service, service of stewards, ITP
  • Maintaining database of information on staff and electronic flight books
  • Interfaces for joining with personnel systems and the program the Demand for certification
  • Scheduling of divisions
  • Planning and accounting of activities
  • Automatic and manual planning
  • Purpose of crews
  • the fixed and propped scheme
  • Automatic purpose of crew
  • The powerful, adjusted monitoring system
  • Operational management
  • Equitable distribution of work between airline divisions
  • Information processing
  • Processing of tasks for flight and reports on flights
  • Calculation of piece-work saraly of an aircrew