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AZIMUT.REP online allows to obtain automatocally data on loading of your flights to any depth forward. You can analyse dynamics of loading and booking classes, and also to analyse transfer passenger traffics. By means of the convenient tool according to the analysis of dynamics of booking the speed of reaction to market changes will be significantly increased by flights of your airline and availability of classes of service.

AZIMUT.REP provides full transparency of a condition of flights of airline, providing access to information on dymanycs of booking distribution on classes, allowing to analyze historical, real and future situation at high level. Analyzing dynamics of filing of flights, yuo can be focused in time on the most profitable classes and maximize the profit. Early recognition of changes of dynamics of loading of flights one of the most competitive advantages of this tool, allowing to analyze a developing situation in market.

AZIMUT.REP allows:

  • to increase the income by means of the organization of sales in the most profitable classes;
  • to increase the speed of reaction to market changes;
  • to estimate profitability of your flights on an average rate, even before flight performance;
  • to reduce obtaining costs necessary commercial information.

How it work?

Data from savings bank on flights of airline arrive online in AZIMUT.REP and are loaded into the general Database. Using idle time and fast access to data with the help of AZIMUT.REP, you have an opportunity to analyze information on a condition of flights in various cuts without a delay.