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The Meridian.Net module is equipped with modern functionality of drawing up the schedule, possesses high efficiency and provides the mechanism for maintaining several drafts of the schedule on the same navigation. Is the good decision which will process of creation of the schedule of airline movement in Airlines and creation of the reliable, optimum and economic schedule.

Main features:

  • Maintaining a database of the schedule
  • Formation of all necessary volume of accompanying telegrams and automatic sending directly from system
  • Automatic processing of incoming telegrams
  • Control of a condition of coordination of slots
  • Control of a condition of coordination of slots with the TsRT
  • Work with an unlimited number of versions to the schedule for the same season navigation
  • The automated procedure of coordination of the draft of the schedule
  • Maintaining register of contracts Code Share
  • Formation of the advertising schedules taking into account transfer joining`s and contracts Code Share
  • Dynamic creation of the schedule of a turn with manual adjustment
  • Organizational support for flights